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How to protect iPhone from automatic shutdown on cold weather
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iphone 6s bi tat nguon, How to protect iPhone from automatic shutdown on cold weather

How to protect iPhone from automatic shutdown on cold weather

In the last days, it’s so cold that some areas of the northern mountainous provinces in Vietnam appeared snow and ice. The temperature decreases from -4oC to -8oC. Many places such as Sapa, Mau Son, Pa DIN, Moc Chau are covered with a beautiful white color.

It is an opportunity for young people to explore, travel and capture the beautiful images to “show” with friends, especially for backpackers and photography enthusiasts.

iphone 6s bi tat nguon, How to protect iPhone from automatic shutdown on cold weather

However, many young people have struggled with some obstacles to take pictures with smartphones, especially iPhones, as the iPhone often shut down automatically when using in so cold and frozen environment, making smartphone users worried about what happened to his phone, whether it is broken?

But it’s totally normal. On its support website, Apple suggest the best operating temperature for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch is only 0-35°C.

But in snowy areas in Vietnam, the temperature is always from -2°C to -8 ° C. It is much lower than standard operating temperature of iPhone. The battery in Apple electronic devices is lithium-ion type, but when the temperature drops too low, it will not generate electricity at small level. Due to self-protection mechanism, iPhone is “defaulted” that the operating conditions at this time are not allowed so it have enabled shutdown mode.

As some tour guides in the snowy areas and the young with many-year experience hunting snow in Vietnam share that if putting iPhone in your pockets, it still maintains an appropriate temperature keeping it operate by contacting with human body. But if you take it out to shoot or use for a while, it will be automatically turned off. Consequently, to

maintain the iPhone outdoors for a long time, it should be noted

• Prepare a backup charger: Because the temperature is too cold, battery often decline. Prepare a backup charger to charge continuously, the charging process will keep the machine warm up.

• Always keep the machine in your pocket or in positions closest to human body so that the iPhone can receive the most heat.

• Limit using iPhone cold outside and know to choose the beautiful locations to take pictures in the case of there are a lot of more beautiful places but your iPhone is shut down on auto because of long using in cold environment.

• Don’t use iPhone outdoor too long, if unnecessary it’d better use your phone in a warm area. And you may also prepare a “stupid phone” for basic functions such as hearing and calling to use in ice and snow conditions.

Users facing the “hibernation” phenomenon don’t so worried because when the temperature higher as normal, the Apple device will work again. The Android generations or electronics using lithium-ion battery can also be equipped similar mechanisms.

Furthermore, if the temperature is too low, it will affect performance and rechargeable functionality of electronic products. For example, charging in cold weather will take longer or even without power.

Experts recommend that flagships should be used as the manufacturer’s design. When the phones are off because of cold weather, bring them into a warm room, but not heat directly by some machines such as dryer, and not put near the fireplace … and then turn on them.


Mr Khôi Nguyên/ mavang.vn


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