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24K gold plated bike in Vietnam
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24K gold plated bike in Vietnam

Be professional with 24K gold plated bike in Vietnam

Karalux specializing in customizing gifts and gold-plating phones and supercars introduce an original mountain bike version which is luxuriously gold-plated in Vietnam.

So far, gold-plating phones, supercars, and villas has not been strange to Vietnamese. And it has been a new trend for recent years. Gold-plating a bike appears first time in this S-shaped strip of country.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Recently, Karalux continue launching a gold-plated mountain bike into the market. Karalux’s engineers do gold-plating some details of this “super” bike.

It takes 2 straight working days to finish gold-plating this bike, including forming ideas, consulting customers. Especially, disassembling and reassembling this bike is also a time-consuming challenge. Despite being only a bike, gold-plating this bike is as complicated as a Rolls-Royce supercar.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Stem of handlebars is also coated a gold layer

Because some details or their parts are gold-plated, Karalux’s engineers have to use both methods of gold-plating: tank plating method and brush-plating method. Details need gold-plating are deeply dipped into a tank of gold. Other details need partly gold-plated, like two ends of the spokes contacting with the hub and the rim are gold-plated by the brush-plating method.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Spokes of the back wheel is partly gold-plated

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Spokes of the front wheel

xe dap ma vang 4

This luxurious bike is branded Zaskar – A world-famous mountain bike brand

xe dap ma vang 8

 This bike includes tires of KendaTire

xe dap ma vang 5

The seat collar is coated a shiny gold layer

xe dap ma vang 6

The details of headset are gold-plated

xe dap ma vang 3

Many other details of the hub of frame are also gold-plated

xe dap ma vang 12

This is a mountain bike available in limited quantities on its 25-year anniversary of establishment and there are only 100 bikes all over the world. The total price of this gold-plated bike is nearly 10 times of iPhone 6 value.

The owner of this bike is the manager of 883 Taxi firm in Mong Cai – Quang Ninh. He owns not only this gold plated bike but also a 24K gold-plated Rolls-Royce Phantom, 24K gold-plated Range Rover, iPhone 6 plus with Rolls-Royce logo which casted by gold and stuck diamonds and a world’s first BlackBerry Passport dotted 24K monolithic gold-plated rims.


Karalux is a famous trademark gold-plating high-end gifts in Vietnam. Not only are we famous for gifting iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry all over the world but we also are known as the pioneer in gold plating technology, specializing Rolls-Royce, BMW, Lexus.
Especially, Karalux is also selected as a prestigious supplier of gifts for politicians, Heads of State, foreign partners, international travelers coming to Vietnam.

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