Turn iPhone 6 into 24K gold-plated iPhone 7 one in Hanoi

Karalux, a premium gift manufacturing and super car customizing & gold-plating brand in Vietnam, continue to introduce the luxurious gold-plated iPhone 7 housing customized from iPhone 6.

Karalux will carve the parameters as iPhone 7 on iPhone 6′ housing

A fortunate news for iFans is that you guy are not necessary to wait an official iPhone 7 of Apple until Sept. 23, you can own one right now. Furthermore, you want to have an iPhone 7 but you already bought an iPhone 6 and now you can’t buy one more iPhone 7 for any reasons?

Do not worry too much about that, Karalux will help you to turn your iPhone 6 into the gold-plated iPhone 7.

While there are a lot of expectations that Apple will launch three new versions of iPhone that are the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 pro In the upcoming debut, Karalux can help you turn your iPhone 6 shell into gold-plated iPhone 7 one right now. Furthermore, there are also varieties of gold type that you can freely choose, – black gold, 24K gold or rose gold.

The horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the back panel are vanished

At the first look at the surface, it is hardly detected to be iPhone 6 because under the skillful hands of Karalux engineers the iPhone 6 shell is customized as a iPhone 7 which will be launched in the near future. However, there is still a difference that at the iPhone 6 remains headphone jack holes while the iPhone 7 doesn’t.

Customers can get Karalux to design any features on the flagship back, especial it is totally free

To complete a customization processing for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s to the gold-plated iPhone 7, Karalux engineers have to work from 6 to 8 straight hours. After gold-plating, they cover a special protecting layer over the surface to protect the gold layer. The protecting layer is made from nano, which is often used for Rolls-Royce supercar in Vietnam.

The gold-plating and customizing iPhone 6 into iPhone 7 costs 360 USD for customer in local market and 650 USD for international in foreign markets.


Mr Khoi Nguyen/ Mavang.vn