Galaxy Note 7 get 24K gold treatment in Vietnam

Karalux introduce the world’s first gold-plated Galaxy Note 7 version with 24K gold. The version’s internal memory is up to 64Gb. The price for international customers (not including in local market – Vietnam) is 2,250 USD.

Galaxy Note 7 get 24K gold treatment by Karalux

Although Galaxy Note 7 won’t be officially released in Vietnam market until Aug. 19 2016, Karalux have owned ones and its engineers have also conducted a discovery at the phone’s inside design, and carried gold-plating this version with 24k gold as well.

Galaxy Note 7 get 24K gold treatment in Vietnam

– Note 7 has totally same internal structure same as the duo Galaxy S7, and S7 Edge. But compared with Note 5, it has a improvement that its Spen is contained in a private box.

– Like the previous versions, S7 Galaxy is water resistant, so its screen area is covered by a lot of glue.

– For frame: Galaxy Note 7 still have the familiar designs of Samsung with metal frame and two glass panels made from 7000 aluminum like previous versions of Note 5 (while the frame edge of Galaxy S7 & S7 are made from 6000 aluminum).

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– Galaxy Note 7 configuration is also upgraded with 3,500 mAh battery capacity and 64GB of internal memory, and USB-C. RAM of Galaxy Note 7 still stop at 4GB and combined with 64-bit Exynos octa-core processor at 2.3GHz. Three flagships all – Note 7, S7 and S7 edge share the same 12 megapixel main camera with 12 optical image stabilization and Dualpixel autofocus and the same 5 megapixel front camera as well.

Galaxy Note 7 get 24K gold treatment in Vietnam

The gold-plating process for Galaxy Note 7 is not different from the process for the previous Samsung versions. Karalux engineers must go through over 10 different stages and 6-8 hours straigh working hours, including surface treatment, surface activation and covering 24k gold layer on its surface as the last stage.

Galaxy Note 7 get 24K gold treatment in Vietnam

 Galaxy S7 edge with 24k gold Galaxy note 7

To overcome this drawback that 24K gold is very soft and easily damaged or scratched during using, Karalux engineers added a special protecting layer named K9H, a special type of nano Karalux often use for the gold-plated Rolls-Royce supercar in Vietnam.

24k gold rolls-royce phantom in Vietnam

Currently, Karalux do not apply gold-plating services to Note 7 in Vietnam.

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