Karalux introduce 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Besides the gold-plated versions of BlackBerry Classic, Q10 and BlackBerry Passport which were previously introduced, Karalux continue to launch a luxurious gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.

Karalux introduce 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

Passport Silver Edition is the latest BlackBerry item officially launched worldwide on Aug.5. Despite of the same design and configuration as the first generation of BlackBerry Passport, Passport Silver Edition shows its prominence by equipping a large square touchscreen surrounded by a durably silver color steel frame with rounded corners.

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The Passport BlackBerry Silver edition has more refined design: physical keyboard improvements with sensor capableness and optimized battery life as the new BlackBerry versions with OS 10.3.2.

Karalux introduce 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

After gold-plating the previous Blackberry generations, Karalux continues to choose BlackBerry Passport Silver as its next option.

Unlike the previous editions, some details of BlackBerry Passport Silver such as flash light borders, and the metal rims of rear Camera edge are also gilded.

24K gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

24K gold BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition

While the previous Passport editions own separated lines to create partitions of the keyboard, the Passport Silver is designed in an adjacent cluster of partitions. Re-manufacturing partitions is one of the most difficult steps.

I’m very satisfied with the gold-plated BlackBerry Passport Silver; it’s actually more beautiful than the previous BlackBerry Passport. The upper and lower gold rims are evenly distributed, with nice gold line” shared, Abbas, a client in Dubai.

It takes about 8-10 continuously working hours to complete a gold-plated Blackberry Passport Silver. The gold-plating process costs from VND 8-12 million. This price is for customers in Vietnam.

For international customers, the price of the gold-plated Blackberry Passport Silver is VND 26 million (Free worldwide shipping).


Mr Khoi Nguyen/Mavang.vn