Karalux release the 24K rose gold-plated iPhone 6s

Karalux – a firm specializing in customizing and gold-plate gifts, supercars – have just released a luxurious rose gold version of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s after introducing their 24K gold-plated version.

In the first introduction of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple unveiled a new color of iPhone, charm rose color, attracting all iFans. Like champagne gold color, it is only a vivid yellow not real gold color. And rose gold coating layer of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is not a real gold layer.

rose gold iphone 6s plus , 24K gold-plated iPhone 6s

If you want to promote your iPhone’s value and elegance by coating a rose gold layer on your iPhone, please let Karalux help you do that.

“The processes and procedures to rose gold-plate iPhone are not different from gold-plating 18K or 24K gold. However, the cost and prices are a bit higher as more expensive raw material,” said Quang Tu – chief engineer performing gold-plating.

rose gold iphone 6s plus , 24K gold-plated iPhone 6s

The 24K gold-plating and rose gold-plating for iPhone 6s costs VND 9 million, and VND 12 million respectively. The price is for local customers in ​​Vietnam. It is VND 1-3 million higher for oversea customers as the payment fee and shipping costs.

rose gold iphone 6s plus , 24K gold-plated iPhone 6s

It takes about 3-4 continuously working hours to compete a rose gold-plated iphone 6 or an iPhone 6s. To protect the gold layer, after plating, Karalux engineers will coat a special layer – a nano layer which is also applied to Rolls-Royce supercar in Vietnam.

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