Karalux introduce the gold-plated iPhone 6s

Besides releasing chocolate gold and black gold versions of iPhones, Karalux continue to launch a luxurious gold-plated iPhone 6S with 24K gold.

Karalux introduce the luxurious gold-plated iPhone 6s

On Sept. 25th 2015, only hours after Apple officially sell the first iPhone 6s and 6s plus, Karalux’s engineers will carry out gold-plating process for these iphones, so that it is prompt to introduce this special gold-plated iphone to technology fans and iFans.


Unlike the previous gold-plated iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the gold-plating process for iPhone 6s takes longer because the surface and the material iPhone 6s case have been changed to A7000 aluminum. A7000 aluminum is 1.5 times stronger than aluminum A6000 – the material used for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Therefore, Karalux engineers must adjust and change the gold-plating processes suitably. ”


It takes nearly 6 continuously working hours and through more than 10 different stages to complete a gold-plated iphone 6s or 6s plus. Some details as sim tray, ring/silent switch, volume buttons, and power button are also coated a gold layer.

Karalux Director, Thanh Luan said “The sale prices of gold-plated iPhone 6s are as following:

– 16 Gb iPhone 6s: USD 1.700,00

– 64 Gb iPhone 6s: USD 1.900,00

– 128 Gb iPhone 6s: USD 2.200,00

For oversea customers, the prices are VND 1 million to 2 million higher, depending on shipping costs.

“If customers bring directly their iPhone to Karalux’s branches, the gold-plating process for iPhone 6s and 6s plus costs VND 9 million and VND 12 million, respectively,” said Luan.

Some images of the gold-plated iPhone 6s with 24K gold:



It takes 6 continuously working hours and through different stages to complete a gold-plated iPhone 6s.


Sim tray and power button are also gold-plated


Some details such as ring/silent switch, volume buttons are also coated a gold layer.


Especially, if clients want to raise value and elegance, each iPhones 6s can studded with a bullion-casted Dragon and Apple logo with arising cost at VND 15million – VND 25 million, depending on the weight of gold and customization.


Furthermore, customers can select other types of gold as chocolate gold or black gold. These are new types of gold which are offered to iPhone 6s by Karalux.