A world’s first 24K gold-plated iPad Air 2 unveiled on market

Karalux – a company specializes in processing gifts and gold-plating the phones and supercars – continued to unveil a shiny 24K gold-plated iPad Air 2 version.

Although Air iPad 2 and iPad 3 mini have not officially been sold in Vietnam, but Karalux’s engineers urgently research inside details and surface of the Air iPad 2.

gold ipad air 2 | Gol plating for iPad Mini 3

In addition, we also make a video to guide domestic and foreign partners of Karalux how to disassemble, open and gold-plate Air iPad 2.

Like the previous iPads, as the screen is stuck with a special glue layer on the frame, the engineers are required to be careful and experienced to disassemble parts and details.  Its screen can be broken even by a small mistake. This is the most difficult and time-consuming stage.

After disassembling details, the technical team process and activate surface. Because the the iPad Air 2’s shell is made from aluminum, the engineers have to spend many straight working hours to make the gold layer adhesive through 10 processes, including  surface treatment, polishing, coating different precious metals and gold-plating.

iPad Air 2 GOLD mạ vàng 24K đầu tiên trên thế giới bởi Karalux

A set of Macbook, iPhone 6 and iPad is 24K gold-plated

iPad Air 2 GOLD mạ vàng 24K đầu tiên trên thế giới bởi Karalux

Like the previous iPhones and iPads, Sim tray, power button, ring/silent switch, volume buttons, charger port are also coated a gold layer. The iPad Air 2 surface can mirror by mirror coating technology illuminated.


It takes 5 working hours to finish all stages of gold-plating process, including disassembly. The prices of gold-plated iPad Air 2, gold-plated iPad mini 3 are depending on their sizes and types (4G or normal). For iPad Air 2/128 Gb and iPad Air 2/4G, their gold-plating cost is about VND 14 million. For other iPad Air 2, their prices are about VND 12 million. For iPad mini 3, its price is unchanged at VND 10 million.

Mr Khoi Nguyen

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