Karalux introduces unique 24K gold-plated iPhone 6 models

Specializing in customizing and gold-plating phones and supercars, Karalux would like to introduce 24K gold-plated iPhone 6 with various designs and many different styles.

iphone 6 ma vang 24K 1

After officially launching into market, iPhone 6 has attracted a large number of iFans as its new features and screen size is much improved than iPhone 5s. In this introduction, Apple still keeps 4 traditional colors as the previous versions, such as: white, black, gray and legendary champagne.

Although iPhone 5s has an improvement in color – adding champagne color, it seems to be not enough to enchant iFan, especially 24K gold color fans. And it must be real gold layer.

To satisfy “gold color” passion, Karalux continues to introduce 24K gold-plated iPhone 6 models with many designs and different styles, especially customers can request the design and any engraved shapes in nearly 2000 design collection. Customers can even order to cast an integral gold case, or mascots such as Dragon, Snake, Horse … by integral gold, or apple image is stuck with ruby or diamond.

iphone 6 ma vang 24K | Ip 6s Gold Mạ vàng 24K

Gold-plated iPhone 6 look more special

iphone 6 ma vang 24K | Ip 6s Gold Mạ vàng 24K

Customers can order to design and engrave any shape

iphone 6 ma vang 24K 4

Even apples are also cast gold and precious stones

iphone 6 ma vang 24K | Ip 6s Gold Mạ vàng 24K

According to Nguyen Ngoc – Director of JSC VinaTAB – Karalux representative, said: “The gold-plating price of iPhone 6 is expected from 9-12 million VND. The price also depends on the sophisticated extent and thickness of gold layer which customers request.

In Vietnam, to order 24K gold-plated iPhone 6, Customers can contact order the following information

VinaTAB Corporation


Make a call and become the owner of the first gold-plated iPhone 6 in Vietnam

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