Be professional with 24K gold plated bike in Vietnam

Karalux specializing in customizing gifts and gold-plating phones and supercars introduce an original mountain bike version which is luxuriously gold-plated in Vietnam.

So far, gold-plating phones, supercars, and villas has not been strange to Vietnamese. And it has been a new trend for recent years. Gold-plating a bike appears first time in this S-shaped strip of country.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Recently, Karalux continue launching a gold-plated mountain bike into the market. Karalux’s engineers do gold-plating some details of this “super” bike.

It takes 2 straight working days to finish gold-plating this bike, including forming ideas, consulting customers. Especially, disassembling and reassembling this bike is also a time-consuming challenge. Despite being only a bike, gold-plating this bike is as complicated as a Rolls-Royce supercar.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Stem of handlebars is also coated a gold layer

Because some details or their parts are gold-plated, Karalux’s engineers have to use both methods of gold-plating: tank plating method and brush-plating method. Details need gold-plating are deeply dipped into a tank of gold. Other details need partly gold-plated, like two ends of the spokes contacting with the hub and the rim are gold-plated by the brush-plating method.

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Spokes of the back wheel is partly gold-plated

xe dap ma vang | Đẳng cấp với xe đạp mạ vàng 24K tại Việt Nam

Spokes of the front wheel

xe dap ma vang 4

This luxurious bike is branded Zaskar – A world-famous mountain bike brand

xe dap ma vang 8

 This bike includes tires of KendaTire

xe dap ma vang 5

The seat collar is coated a shiny gold layer

xe dap ma vang 6

The details of headset are gold-plated

xe dap ma vang 3

Many other details of the hub of frame are also gold-plated

xe dap ma vang 12

This is a mountain bike available in limited quantities on its 25-year anniversary of establishment and there are only 100 bikes all over the world. The total price of this gold-plated bike is nearly 10 times of iPhone 6 value.

The owner of this bike is the manager of 883 Taxi firm in Mong Cai – Quang Ninh. He owns not only this gold plated bike but also a 24K gold-plated Rolls-Royce Phantom, 24K gold-plated Range Rover, iPhone 6 plus with Rolls-Royce logo which casted by gold and stuck diamonds and a world’s first BlackBerry Passport dotted 24K monolithic gold-plated rims.

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