24K gold-plated Nokia 515 with special keyboard

Specialize in customizing and gold-plating gifts, phones and supercars; Karalux/Mavang.vn continues to introduce new 24K gold-plated Nokia 515 with a keyboard which is originally customized.

To meet the needs and love in ‘unique’ and gold of the techno fans, especially Nokia fans in Vietnam, Karalux constantly creates new designs, with unique new patterns. Besides 200 available designs, customers can request their own design as their taste and personality.

Especially, in this introduction,  Karalux would like to launch unique 24K gold-plated Nokia 515 models which all original plastic keyboard is customized and remade ​​of metal, before being coated by 24K gold layer.

 Volume buttons are made of pure silver

Not only keyboard but also volume buttons are remade of metal, and then being coated gold layer

It takes from 3-5 days to customize a keyboard like this. The price of Nokia 515 is expected about from 11-12 million VND, including gold-plating cost of skin, volume buttons and keyboard.

In the first stage, engineers will design and measure new standard metal keyboard with exact rate 1:1 of the original keyboard of Nokia 515.

“We expect to customize only 100 phones, and each phone is numbered from 1 to 100. Until Oct 1,2014, the company will launch the new version into market,” Mr. Khoi Nguyen, Director of  Karalux in Vietnam, said.

From now, customers can contact and order special Nokia 515 version with gold-plated key board, volume buttons and skin.


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