Karalux introduces the unique 24k gold-plated Ducati 848 Evo in Vietnam

Specializing in customize gold-plated gifts and supercars; Karalux continues to introduce a unique 24k gold-plated Ducati 848 Evo2 sportbike. This is the first Ducati in Vietnam and around the world is 24K gold plated.

It takes nearly 2 consecutive working months for Karalux’s engineers with the cooperation of many sections to gold plate this sportbike.

Ducati 848 Evo

According to Nguyen Ngoc – the main engineer of this project said: “So far, this is the most difficult project which VinaTAB have implemented, because there are so many details that need to be gold plated, with different material and different surfaces. Therefore, VinaTAB engineers have to make many processes as well as methods to have a suitable gold-plated way.

“Even gold plating this Ducati is a thousand times harder than Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley…”- Mr. Ngoc added.

Furthermore, demounting and assembling is also a challenge. Not any worker in Vietnam can do. In order to gold plate, all Ducati details must be demounted.

The back frame of the sportbike is demounted. It is one of the most difficult details in gold plating. VinaTAB engineers spent a lot of time to treat and activate the frame surface before gold-plating bath.

The main frame of Ducatin 848 Evo is also demounted

Two shock absorbers/ forks

Small details attached as nuts, brake pads, disc brake, rims

It takes a lot of time for Mavang.vn engineers to clean and degrease before gold-plating

Representative images of some details after 24K gold plating

After gold plating, the next step is to assemble as the original

It takes nearly a week to reassemble all details of Ducati and not any workers in Vietnam can do it.

To demount and reassemble Ducati completely, we invite two experts from Australia to support

The gold plating and assembly this Sportbike is delayed partly because its owner constantly changes and modifies the gold-plated details.

The current price of Ducati 848 Evo is about 700 million VND, excluding the 24k gold-plated cost. The sportbike owner is from Vung Tau City.

Mr Khôi Nguyên

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