Sony Xperia Z2 is 24K gold plated with unique floral patterns

Sony Experia with beautiful design, powerful performance, and high-quality camera is more perfect after adding a 24K gold layer.

Specializing in processing and gold plating phones and supercars, Karalux / continues to introduce a unique and strange-looking design for Sony Experia Z2.


Unlike previous gold plated versions such as iPhone, Lumia 930 or Samsung Ego…, Sony series as Z1, Z2 are no need to demount details before gold-plating and it quite easy to gold-plate. This is a main highlight as many customers do not want their mobile phone to be operated while its warranty period is still effective.

Why is it is quite simple and unnecessary to demount details during gold-plating Sony Experia?

According to Nguyen Ngoc – VinaTAB engineer said: “Due to the Z1 and Z2 edge is the wave attraction point/ Antenna. Therefore, if being gold-plated, it will affect call quality. Therefore, we will not gold-plate them. And to get other “gold layer”, engineers will manufacture another skin and then decorate vignettes, patterns in accordance with customers’ requests, before gold plating and tangent to back of the machine. ”

The gold plating cost for a Sony Experia Z2 is about 4 million VND. It will take further 500 thousand VND if customers need carve any pattern.

Moreover, in this introduction of the gold-plated Sony Experia Z2, Karalux/ designs the unique and strange-looking floral patterns with a logo of Lexus manufacturer. This design is only for customers who have had Lexus car gold plated in VinaTAB. To show gratitude to our customers after completely gold-plating a Lexus, VinaTAB will give customers a gold-plated Sony Z2 phone with Lexus logo design and numbered from 1 to 99.

Xperia Z2 is a best buying smartphone in first half of 2014

Sony Z2 camera is up to 20.7 megapixel

This design is only presented to customers who have Lexus Car gold-plated.

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