Bkav introduced limited 24K gold-plated Bphone version

Bkav officially introduced the limited Bphone version of which the whole aluminum frame and other details such as sim tray, volume buttons, power button… are 24K gold-plated. This version has an internal memory of 128 GB.

24K gold-plated Bphone version

In this morning (May 26, 2015) at the National Convention Center in My Dinh, Bkav officially launched a smartphone named Bphone – one of smartphone brands which is expected most in Vietnam in recent years.

Bphone Configuration

Bphone use quad-core 2.5GHz qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chip, 3GB RAM, 5-inch full HD resolution display, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera with 88 degree wide-angle lens.

Bphone is equipped with 24 bit 192 kHz audio player which is claimed to be 256 times finer than the normal 16-bit one, and Bphone is better than most other smartphones on the market.

It also supports short-range wireless connectivity TransferJet with transfer rate of 200 Mb/s, 500 times faster than the NFC.

Official configuration of Bphone

Bphone runs BOS operation system based on the Android platform, which means users can still use the available applications on Google Play. The icons on Bphone display are simply desiged with bright colors, which is suitable for each application. In addition, Bphone is availably installed BChrome which can surf web at high speed, and manipulate by one hand easily.

Bphone also support health monitoring functions as measured users’ steps when they do exercise, and give them advices that they should move quickly or slowly… Meanwhile, reminding function will support users to memorize important dates, such as birthday, appointments …

Compare configuration of Bphone with iPhone 6 plus

Bphone will be sold on June, 11 (can order from June 02, 2015) with 3 versions of 16GB – 64GB – 128GB with 4 colors White – Black – Gold and 24K Gold. The official selling price of version (about VND 12.45 million for the lowest confirguration version) is a bit cheaper than estimation at VND 13 million,. Meanwhile the 24K gold-plated one with 128 Gb is about VND 20,19 million.

Below is a series of 24K gold-plated Bphone images:

Details such as sim tray, power button are also coated a 24K gold layer

The combination of gold and black color of 24K gold-plated version gives the users strong, square and luxurious feelings.

In this introduction, other Bphone versions are tested, but 24K gold-plated version is displayed in a glass case.

Unlike the iPhone and Samsung, Bkav introduced a real 24K gold plated version.

 And Karalux is Partner was customized & gold plating for this Version.


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