Karalux introduce a unique gold-plated iPhone 5s version with red ruby attached dragon

Karalux – a company specializing in gold-plating supercars and phones – announce a unique 24K gold-plated iPhone 5s version incrusting with a monolithic gold casted Dragon in Vietnam.

Right after launching “Ma dao thanh cong” version of iphone 5s – 24K gold-plated iPhone 5s with 8 gold-plated horses to welcome New Year 2014, Karalux continue introducing iPhone 5s version incrusted with a natural red ruby attached dragon.


The whole body of this special iPhone 5s version is 24K gold plated, especially a traditionally casted dragon with 24K gold is attached on its back. In addition, many items are coated a gold layer, including sim tray, power button, volume buttons, 2 screws of the bottom of phone, charging port, and headphone jacks.

Karalux giới thiệu iPhone 5s khảm rồng đính Ruby đỏ tại Việt Nam

The highlight of this gold-plated iPhone 5s version with gold casted Dragon is 2 natural red rubies attached on dragon’s eyes, help this version get more luxurious and professional.

This ruby encrusted dragon version remarks a big advance in gold-plating iPhone 5. Especially, the dragon – one of 12 Chinese zodiacs which symbol power and strength – looks more powerful thanks to of ruby red.

Karalux giới thiệu iPhone 5s khảm rồng đính Ruby đỏ tại Việt Nam

According to Nguyen Ngoc, director of VinaTAB Corporation representing Karalux brands in Vietnam – a unit specializing in customizing gifts and 24K gold-plating phones, “the price of this gold-plated iPhone 5s incrusted with gold-casted dragon varies between  VND 45 million and VND 60 million, depending on the weight of gold, or type of gold: 18K or 24K.

Karalux giới thiệu iPhone 5s khảm rồng đính Ruby đỏ tại Việt Nam

Vietnamese iFans, please can contact Karatux advisory team to get the unique gold-plated iPhone versions with customizations as your own requirements.

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