Karalux unveil 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Classic

Karalux – a company specializes in customizing, gold-plating phones and supercars -continue to unveil a 24K gold-plated version of BlackBerry Classic.


Shortly after the BlackBerry Classic was officially sold in Vietnam, Karalux’s engineers have rushed to research and carry out gold-plating this version.

Unlike the previous gold-plated BlackBerry passport, only Classis’s edge and some details as power button, volume buttons, and Bold 9900 sim tray are gold-plated.

Karalux unveil 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Classic

The special feature of this release is that Karalux have replaced the plastic piece below the keyboard with a metal one with 1: 1 rate. Especially, customers can request Karalux design a logo, messages or anything at this location.

Karalux unveil 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Classic

It takes 4 straight working hours to complete gold-plating a phone. The cost of gold-plating service is VND 3 million ( 150 USD ), and VND 4 million ( 200 USD ) for adding partitions on the keyboard. It is about VND 13 million ( 650 USD ) for both phone and gold-plating service.

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